There are different kinds of mushroom that could be beneficial to us and to the environment where we live. Mushrooms could be a helpful agent to break down all the decomposers materials that are in the soil. They are the best one as well to make the soil be more fertilized and can be healthy kind of soil as they contain a lot of minerals and nutrients to the entire living in the soil. They could look good or attractive for others but not for all. There are some mushrooms that you can cultivate and make this one as a source of food as they are safe to be eaten. But of course, most of the mushrooms are poisonous. They contain poisons that kill a person when they ingest it. According to the professional arborist, there are many reasons on why you have to remove them and the factors that they could bring to your plants when they are growing to your vegetables or flowers. There could be a lot of ways to kill those unwanted mushrooms. You can’t just simply pick them up one by one as it won’t be the best thing to get rid of them. They will still grow up and get even have double numbers of the population there. Here are some of the great ideas that you should learn and know them in order to totally remove those unwanted and unnecessary mushrooms growing in your plants and area. 


  1. There are simple ways to get rid the numbers of mushroom growing in your area. There is a way where you don’t need to use special agents to remove those mushrooms that you don’t like growing in the spot. You can pick them if there are just a few. You may use a lawnmower to get away the small growing mushrooms. But there will be a chance that they will get the pores of the mushroom to spread around the soil on the ground and get a higher chance to grow it everywhere.  
  2. When you pick them up one by one or do the mowing. Do not put them in your compost pit. This is the most basic information that you should know as throwing them to the pit would give a higher chance and possibility to grow there. In order for this not to happen. You have to place in a plastic trash bag and then tight them very well and to put it to the trash can. This process will give you the assurance that they will not grow anymore.  
  3. If you want to get this one faster. You may use a nitrogen solution to get rid of those mushrooms completely. You need to do this procedure every year to stop them from growing again. There are other solutions to this that you may use to make the process even faster.  
  4. If you don’t want to use those commercial mushroom killers. You may want to make your own solution by mixing water and a dishwashing soap. Pour them over to the mushroom spots.  
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